English Fluency Faster

Retain your Japanese students into junior high school

As used by:

Ace Kids (Andrew Bardon)
Cambridge English (Ben Shearon)
Elf Kids (Eric Kane)
English Corner (Guy Naftalin)
Firefly English Discovery Center (Scott Crowe)
Merry’s English Class
Modern English (Simon Moran)

Most schools struggle to retain 5th and 6th grade elementary or junior high students – because they lose them to jukus

Eikaiwa OwnerTeacher
Increase your revenue and retention of JHS students

1. Enable class sizes up to 10 – 20+ students
2. Retain students all the way to JHS 3rd grade
3. Easy to explain the benefits to students and parents
4. Provide a consistent curriculum that levels up
through all three years of JHS

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Our curriculum solves your big challenges with JHS students

1. Keep them engaged
2. Reduce prep to almost zero
3. Accommodate students of various levels in one class
4. Help students acquire practical English skills-and
the confidence that goes with them

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The course focuses on fluency by having students practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing using high volumes of understandable English and constant repetition of words and phrases.

Just wanted to say that I had the best JHS class that I’ve had in 10 years tonight. The students walked out smiling, I had fun teaching and I heard their voices for most of the hour long class.


I started using your textbooks. The students love them! One of them said she felt like she actually did some serious but fun studying! I had no idea 20 mins of concentrated speaking time could be so effective.


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