English Fluency Faster

The Fluency Course is a four-skills integrated course designed to complement the official junior high school textbooks in Japan.

For schools, The Fluency Course can:

  • Enable inexperienced or busy teachers to run successful junior high school student classes, without having to reinvent the wheel or adapt textbooks.
  • Empower all students to improve their English skills and confidence, not just the interested or motivated ones. Students don’t study English so much as practice it.
  • Allow the school to easily ‘sell’ their English program to students and parents. The Fluency Course is designed to practice skills that regular schools and jukus don’t emphasise.

The course focuses on fluency by having students practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing using high volumes of understandable English and constant repetition of words and phrases.

There are three levels. Level 1 corresponds to junior high school first year textbooks and is designed for regular students to start with. Level 1 has a focus on the student (daily life, family, school).

Level 2 follows on from Level 1 and could be used with students who completed Level 1, or regular third year junior high school students. Level 2 has a focus on Japan (history, geography, culture).

Level 3 follows on from Level 2 and could be used with students who completed Level 2, or regular high school students. Level 3 has a focus on countries around the world (history, geography, culture).

Each level is divided into two approx. 220-page textbooks, A and B, each containing 24 units. Some schools will be able to use just the A textbook for an entire year.

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