Textbook 1a Unit 1 sample

You can now download the index and first unit of Textbook 1a from the Level One page on this site.

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2020 Textbooks and Samples

Good way to get started We have some stock of the 2020 Textbook 1b and 2b still available. This version of the textbook contains the timed reading texts only. For Textbook 1b there are 60 English texts, ranging from 80 to 300 words in length. Each text is accompanied by multiple choice comprehension questions in… Continue reading 2020 Textbooks and Samples

2021 Workbooks

Slight cosmetic changes and typo fixes The beta version of the workbooks just arrived. We are using a new printing company (thanks for the rec, Eric K!). Very happy with the quality and they are a bit cleaner design wise. Hopefully we have now fixed most of the typos from the alpha versions. Next up:… Continue reading 2021 Workbooks