The Fluency Course is now almost complete

Happy New Year! I hope 2022 finds you happy and healthy, and you are able to achieve your teaching and business goals.

We have finally finised all six Fluency Course textbooks and accompanying Teacher Editions and supplementary materials.

We just need to finish off the workbooks now and levels 1-3 will be complete.

The workbooks are an optional supplementary material for levels 1 and 2. To make it easier for teachers and schools to adopt the course, we decided to offer two versions of the workbooks: a printed one through Amazon, and a free PDF download through this site.

For our students we like to give them a physical book, but we wanted to give teachers the option to print their own if they want to save a bit of money on materials. The content of the workbooks will be identical for the printed and PDF versions.

The next big step is to start making videos explaining the course and how to use it. Stay tuned! They should start arriving soon 🙂

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