Record sheets: these can be printed out in A4 double sided (on thicker paper/card if possible) and students can keep track of their progress. The feedback can be written in English or Japanese, and should focus on what they did that month, what was interesting/challenging/fun, etc.

PowerPoint presentations: if you have access to a computer with a screen or TV that students can see, these slides will help you run your class by providing structure and the answers for all questions. We recommend you add pictures to the slides to make them more attractive and help your students understand.
Click here to download.

Quizlet sets: if your students use Quizlet they can use these sets to prepare for class each week. The sets contain vocabulary and questions used in each unit. If you are able to set up a teacher account you can monitor which of your students are using Quizlet and how they are doing. We recommend students first study the content, then take a test and score at least 85% before class.
Click here to access the 3a Quizlet sets.