Level Two upgrades

Our teachers have come up with three improvements to the current Level Two lessons (Textbook 2A). We will be adding these to the textbooks from 2023, but they will be in the updated Textbook 2B materials (lesson slides and downloads) available on this site from September. Dictation The first improvement is to add a dictation […]

Final B Editions

All B editions now available I’m delighted to announce that all B editions are now available from Amazon in their final form. You can find links to them on our purchasing page. We have also created a Teachers’ Edition for each book. My co-author came up with this frankly genius idea, and I haven’t seen […]

New cover designs

We’re working on the 2021 B editions and 2022 A editions now. With any luck, these will be the final 1st editions. Check out these beautiful cover designs courtesy of Rafiq Shah on Fiverr.