The hardest FC1 class so far

It’s a struggle but so far so good This year I am taking the JHS 1 classes at my wife’s school. Four classes this year (we prefer larger classes so rather than five medium sized classes we chose to open classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and not have a Thursday class). Somewhat unusually […]

Edits, Editions, and Price of the Fluency Course

Changes going forward Thanks for your support of the Fluency Course! I hope you are enjoying using it with your students. There have been a number of developments I would like to share with you. First, in terms of edits and changes to the books. UNEXPECTED PROBLEMS Until now we have operated on a kaizen […]

b books

Summer 2022 Editions The B books were published a few weeks ago and all the online materials have now been updated to match the books. The Teacher Copy books got a big upgrade with new covers! I think they look pretty spiffy, even if I say so myself 🙂 We started the B books with […]

Upgrading the Level 1 Speaking

Once students get comfortable with the basic activity encourage them to level up We had our seventh class today with the Saturday 1a students. They are doing great, and even the less confident students who were struggling at first are able to work in pairs to ask and answer the questions. This is the basic […]

The Year of the Tiger

The Fluency Course is now almost complete Happy New Year! I hope 2022 finds you happy and healthy, and you are able to achieve your teaching and business goals. We have finally finised all six Fluency Course textbooks and accompanying Teacher Editions and supplementary materials. We just need to finish off the workbooks now and […]

2022 Editions

We’re moving to Amazon print on demand All future editions of The Fluency Course (including the 2021 B Editions) will be available from Amazon. This should make ordering much more flexible and convenient. We’re currently working on getting the books formatted and uploaded. Once they are live on the system I will make an announcement […]